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Radio Shack Sound Meter Corrections

The Radio Shack Analogue Sound Meter is not very linear in the range used for subwoofer building.

This table comes courtesy of Dan Marx, who runs AudioInnovation, a site for fellow Audio Enthusiasts and Speaker builders. As well as his projects, he has some good info on speaker theory and a links section

There are also some modifications that can be done to the SPL meter to make it more linear. A good discussion thread with both this table and the mods is at Audiogon

Frequency Correction Frequency Correction
10hz +20dB 500hz -0.5dB
12.5hz +16.5dB 630hz 0dB
16hz +11.5dB 800hz 0
20hz +7.5dB 1.0khz 0
26hz +5dB 1.25khz 0
31.5hz +3dB 1.6khz -0.5dB
40hz +2.5dB 2.0khz -1.5dB
50hz +1.5dB 2.5khz -1.5dB
63hz +1.5dB 3.15khz -1.5dB
80hz +1.5dB 4.0khz -2dB
100hz +2dB 5.0khz -2dB
125hz +0.5dB 6.3khz -2dB
160hz -0.5dB 8.0khz -2dB
200hz -0.5dB 10khz -1dB
250hz +0.5dB 12.5khz +0.5dB
315hz -0.5dB 16khz 0
400hz 0dB 20khz +1dB

After taking your measurements with the meter set to "C" weighting and "Slow" response, add the figure shown in this table

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