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10 inch Response Titanium finish subwoofer

Jaycar Part no: 2274 - Cost $49aus (Runout price 5th May 2005)

This is the driver used in most of my early projects
Z - Nominal Impedance4 ohm
Pe - Power Handling125W
SPL - Sensitivity88.17 dB/watt@1m
Re - Voice coil resistance3.5 ohm
Fs - Resonant frequency33.3 hz
Qms - Mechanical Q8.193
Qes - Electrical Q0.534
Qts - Total Q0.502
Vas - Equivalent volume29.6 litres
Xmax - Maximum excursion9 mm
Sd - Cone Area346 sq cm
EBP - Efficiency Bandwidth Product62 - All rounder

Here is my parameter file for this driver for WinISD Pro ver 0.50a7


I agree with Jaycar's design except I specify larger ports

Box size Tuning frequency Port details
Jaycar design 48 litre box 26.5hz One 66mm port 270mm long
My design 50 litre box 28hz Two 86mm ports 814mm long


SPL graph
Driven by 80watt amp
Jaycar design in red, mine in green

Cone excursion

Excursion graph
No problem here

Port air velocity

Velocity graph
Jaycar design will be too noisy for Home Theatre environment
Port flares would be required

The design I have presented here has been built - see the Snorky page
For a dual driver setup using this driver see the Blast Furnace

Port Flares

Calculated with Flare-it
I would recommend 15mm flares. If you have a full size router, you can use a 19mm rollover bit for routed flares. If you have a small router, you could probably get away with 13mm flares.
Alternatively, you could move to heat molded flares in 20mm or 25mm radius.
The intake could be flange mounted with a 13mm routed flare or you could fit a donut ring. If you are using a heat molded flare, you could do a one-piece design with a 20mm flare on the inlet
See the Porting section for design, construction and purchasing of flared ports.


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