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Jaycar 10 inch Venom subwoofer

Jaycar Part no: 2342 - Cost $64.95aus (5th May 2005)

Z - Nominal Impedance4 ohm
Pe - Power Handling150W
SPL - Sensitivity92.02 dB/watt@1m
Re - Voice coil resistance3.5 ohm
Fs - Resonant frequency37.53 hz
Qms - Mechanical Q3.536
Qes - Electrical Q0.566
Qts - Total Q0.488
Vas - Equivalent volume106.6 litres
Xmax - Maximum excursion8 mm
Sd - Cone Area346 sq cm
EBP - Efficiency Bandwidth Product66 - all rounder

Here is my parameter file for this driver for WinISD Pro ver 0.50a7


Note: As of 8th August 2007, the Venom range of drivers has been discontinued



Box size Tuning frequency Port details
Jaycar design 33.29 litre sealed
My design 70 litre box + filter 27hz One 102mm port 404mm long


SPL graph
Both designs require 150watts. Jaycar has removed the 150w / zero boost amp from its lineup, so I have modelled using the 240watt amp with 6dB boost @ 35hz, utilising 150w
Jaycar sealed design in red - would perform better without the boost circuit - as shown here in purple
My ported in green - I was unable to get a flatter response than this because of excursion problems above the tuning frequency

Cone excursion

Excursion graph
Jaycars design is fine for excursion.
My design requires high-pass filter (linkwitz-riley 24dB/octave, design frequency 18hz) to control excursion below the tuning frequency

Port air velocity

Velocity graph
A single port is sufficient
Port flares would be required

This driver runs out of excursion too easily to get a ported design that performs well. The best way to use this driver would be to use Jaycar's sealed design if you can still get the 150w / zero boost amplifier. Note that Altronics still makes one

Port Flares

Calculated with Flare-it
I would recommend a 13mm routed flare.
The intake could be flange mounted with a 13mm routed flare or you could fit a donut ring.

See the Porting section for more detail on the design, construction and purchase of flared ports.


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