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Jaycar 10 inch metal coated subwoofer

Jaycar Part no: 2366 - Cost $139aus (5th May 2005)

Jaycar have only published specs for one voice coil driven. Estimated values are highlighted in red

Single coil drivenBoth coils driven in series
Z - Nominal Impedance2 ohm4 ohm
Pe - Power Handling125W 250W
SPL - Sensitivity87.2 dB/watt@1m90.2 dB/watt@1m
Re - Voice coil resistance1.3 ohm2.6 ohm
Fs - Resonant frequency23.7 hz23.7 hz
Qms - Mechanical Q3.9763.976
Qes - Electrical Q0.3820.191
Qts - Total Q0.3480.182
Vas - Equivalent volume66 litres66 litres
Xmax - Maximum excursion10 mm10 mm
Sd - Cone Area346 sq cm346 sq cm
EBP - Efficiency Bandwidth Product62124 - Best ported

Here is my parameter file for this driver ( single coil driven ) for WinISD Pro ver 0.50a7
Here is my parameter file for this driver ( two series coils driven ) for WinISD Pro ver 0.50a7

Suggested designs

Box size Tuning frequency Port details
Jaycar ported Design 40 litres 26hz One 50mm port 151mm long
Jaycar ported Design 25 litres 27hz One 50mm port 280mm long
My design 68 litres 25hz Two 86mm ports 755mm long



SPL graph
Jaycar large ported - single 2ohm coil driven with 125w no boost
Jaycar small ported - single 2ohm coil driven with 125w no boost
My ported design - 4ohm series coils arrangement driven with 240w +6dB boost@35hz

Cone excursion

Excursion graph
Jaycars larger ported design runs into trouble below 25hz. I have added a 2nd red graph showing the addition of a hi-pass filter - 24dB/octave design freq. 18.5 hz.
Their small ported has trouble below 20hz

Port air velocity

Velocity graph
Both Jacar's ported designs have air velocities that appear too large.
I have added a 2nd red line showing their large ported / single 50mm port replaced by a pair of 86mm flared ports 1072 long. You would need to watch out for the 160hz port resonance if using this design

This driver appears to be Jaycar's replacement for the 10inch titanium. Whilst capable of similar output, the 2ohm double voice coil arrangement makes it power hungry for Home Theatre usage, requiring their 240w amp.

The driver seems to perform better as a single coil unit, providing you add a high pass filter.


Alternative design

To examine how to take advantage of this and still use the Jaycar Plate amps, here is another design, this time using a pair of drivers in series to give the required 4 ohms. The following analysis takes my initial design and adds a second identical box. The drivers are now driven single coil, with the boxes in series, giving a total load of 4 ohms. To control excursion a high-pass filter with a design frequency of 12hz is added. The amplifier is the Jaycar 240w amp with the 6dB boost at 35hz
You also could build this as a single 136 litre box with 4 * 86mm ports each 755mm long

Box size Tuning frequency Port details
My single. 240w. One driver, two series coils 68 litres 25hz Two 86mm ports 755mm long
My twin 240w. Two drivers, each single coil. + filter two 68 litre boxes 25hz Two 86mm ports 755mm long per box

Here is the Project file for WinISD Pro ver 0.50a7


SPL graph
The twin boxes have twice the cone area and twice the power, so to model in WinISD, plot a single box but with 4 times the power.
This is equivalent to a pair of boxes in series driven with Jaycar's 240w amp.

Cone excursion

Excursion graph
The single coil unit has higher excursion. Bottom end runaway is controled with the high pass filter

Port air velocity

Velocity graph
Single coil unit has higher air velocity, but at 13 m/sec should be OK provided port flares are used.

If using this driver, I would aim for the twin design. If the budget is tight I would build a single unit, running the 240w amp into both coils in series. Later I would buy a 2nd driver, rewire for single coil operation and build the high-pass filter and another box.


Port Flares

Calculated with Flare-it
I would recommend 21mm flares. If you have a full size router, you can use a 19mm rollover bit for routed flares. Alternatively, you could move to heat molded flares in 20mm or 25mm radius.
The intake could be fitted with a donut ring . If you are using a heat molded flare, you could do a one-piece design with a 20mm flare on the inlet
See the Porting section for more detail on the design, construction and purchase of flared ports.


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