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Peerless 830452 XLS10

269 mm XLS subwoofer with low Vas (small enclosures). Ventilated coil + rigid alloy frame. Home / car

Peerless 830452 at EssentialAudio - $237 AUD including GST (20th May 2009)

Peerless 830452 at Speakerbits - $256.49 AUD excluding GST (20th May 2009)

Z - Nominal Impedance6 ohm
Pe - Power Handling300W (150 continuous)
SPL - Sensitivity84.6 dB/watt@1m
Re - Voice coil resistance3.4 ohm
Fs - Resonant frequency18.9 hz
Qms - Mechanical Q2.63
Qes - Electrical Q0.18
Qts - Total Q0.17
Vas - Equivalent volume89.7 litres
Xmax - Maximum excursion12.5 mm
Sd - Cone Area352 sq cm
EBP - Efficiency Bandwidth Product105 - Best ported

Parameter file for this driver for WinISD Pro ver 0.50a7

The local supplier has a pdf with a Passive Radiator design for this driver
They recommend a 20 litre box with the 10inch PR tuned to 21hz. They claim 105dB @ 25hz for this design with 400w applied, but modelling in WinISD only shows 101.5, so maybe they stuffed up the sensitivity conversion. (The manufacturer lists it in terms of Voltage sensitivity rather than power sensitivity, which for this 3.4ohm driver gives a difference of 3.7, co-incidentally the difference between their claimed output and that shown by WinISD)

Suggested designs

Box size Tuning frequency Port details
Suggested Design 87 litres 23hz Two 103mm ports 996mm long
Suppliers design 20 litres 21hz Passive Radiator + 200g (adds about $125 AUD)

Project files for WinISD Pro ver 0.50a7
Suggested ported design
Suppliers PR design



SPL graph
Suggested design modelled with Jaycar 350w amp with 6dB boost@35hz
Suppliers design modelled with 400w amp as per their notes

Driver excursion

Driver Excursion graph
Suggested design modelled with 9hz 24dB/octave hi-pass filter
Suppliers design unfiltered as per their notes

PR excursion

PR Excursion graph
Suppliers design runs out of excursion below 22hz
PR has 200g added, for a total moving mass of 600g

Port air velocity

Velocity graph
Suggested design uses two 103mm ports to keep velocity down

Port flares

Flare-it screenshot
According to Flare-it, 25mm flares are required

For DIY, use the heat-moulded flares with a 25mm flare on the exit and 20mm on the intake.

If DIY is not for you, commercial flares from Parts Express are fine, although you may need extra extension tubes to get the length.


The length of the ports, and the fact that they displace around 17 litres, means that bends will be needed.
Perhaps running the ports external would be a viable option. Alternatively, a larger box would be required.


Other builds using this driver

Vikash Chauhan's PR build


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