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Peerless 830564

308 mm XLS car subwoofer with 4 + 4 Ohm voice coil. For small enclosures and very high current amps.

Peerless 830564 at Speakerbits - $362.34 AUD excluding GST (16th February 2009)

Double Voice Coils 4ohm + 4ohm in parallel
Z - Nominal Impedance4 ohm
Pe - Power Handling350W (175 continuous)
SPL - Sensitivity87.6 dB/watt@1m
Re - Voice coil resistance1.5 ohm
Fs - Resonant frequency49 hz
Qms - Mechanical Q8.06
Qes - Electrical Q0.66
Qts - Total Q0.61
Vas - Equivalent volume20.4 litres
Xmax - Maximum excursionUnknown - probably 12,5 mm
Sd - Cone Area466 sq cm
EBP - Efficiency Bandwidth Product74 - All rounder


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