Subwoofer driver comparison

This page initially presented details of Jaycar drivers used in projects built by the author.

Over time, the Jaycar drivers have disappeared and new drivers from the USA have started arriving.
This page now aims to be a central resource for Australian subwoofer builders to access local information on drivers.

Each driver page linked to from the tables will contain some or all of the following information

You can find a good description of T/S parameters in this thread at AVSForum

Conversions and Estimations

Some parameters may need to be converted to a standard format to allow comparison and modelling. These include:
The rules used are detailed here
The designs presented allow excursion out to Xmax + 10%

Maximum potential output of a driver

When it comes to power, each doubling of power represents an additional 3dB
By combining the sensitivity of a driver in dB/watt with the maximum power it can handle, we can get an idea of the thermally limited maximum output available.
The following table shows how many dB need to be added to a driver's sensitivity figure to get the maximum output.

Pmax in WattsdB to add
   1 0
   2 3
   4 6
   8 9

To get the exact figure for a Pmax not shown in the table, you need to multiply 3 by the log of Pmax to base 2
Here is a simple Javascript calculator so you can work out yours (to the nearest dB)

Maximum potential output of driver

Maximum Power in Watts     Sensitivity dB/W@1m

Naturally, enclosure design and excursion limits, massively effect the final output and frequency range, but at least this gives a means to compare drivers at a glance. Each of the drivers shown on this page has this figure shown on the RHS of its table, listed as SPLmax

QB5 Alignment

Some of these drivers have a fairly low excursion. Whilst not discussed here, a QB5 alignment may extract better performance than I'm showing. This alignment uses a high Q, high pass filter that is tuned in such a fashion as to load up the driver just when over-excursion threatens. When time permits, I would like to do some designs based on this principle. Meanwhile, those who are interested in this route should have a look at this paper presented by Robert White and Rod Elliot

Jaycar drivers

Jaycar was once a source of cheap drivers, with several being quite good performers.
Unfortunately, most of them are no longer stocked, so the details presented here are more for reference on some of the completed projects

Driver Part no. Notes SPLmax
10 inch Metal Coated Cone CS-2366 240w-104 dB 114
12 inch Double Magnet CS-2228 240w-105dB 112
12 inch Carbon Fibre Cone CS-2246 80w-106dB or 350w-117dB(dual) 116
10 inch Precision Response Carbon Fibre CS-2278 240w-108dB - large box (180 litre) 111
12 inch Precision Response Carbon Fibre CS-2279 240w-107dB - huge box (550litre) 113
10 inch Response Titanium Finish CS-2274 80w-105dB or 350w-113dB(dual) ...nla 109
10 inch Venom CS-2342 150w- not flat response ...nla 112
15 inch Venom CS-2345 180w-110dB - huge box or IB ...nla 112


Peerless drivers

A more stable source of drivers in Australia is the range of Peerless drivers from Essential Audio or Melbourne supplier Speakerbits
Some T/S specs are from the website of Australian wholesaler WES components

Driver Part no. Notes SPLmax
XLS - 10 inch 8 ohm 830452 350w / 107dB 109
XLS - 12 inch 8 ohm 830500 T/S + WinISD file 112
XLS - 10 inch 4 ohm 830514 T/S only 110
XLS - 12 inch 4 + 4 ohm DVC 830515 T/S only 112
XLS - 10 inch 4 + 4 ohm DVC 830563 T/S only 112
XLS - 12 inch 4 + 4 ohm DVC 830564 T/S only 113
XXLS - 10 inch 4 ohm 830842 T/S only 109
XXLS - 10 inch 8 ohm 830843 T/S only 112
XXLS - 12 inch 4 ohm 830844 T/S only 112
XXLS - 12 inch 8 ohm 830845 T/S only 112
XXLS - 10 inch 8 + 8 ohm DVC 830846 T/S + WinISD file 111
XXLS - 12 inch 8 + 8 ohm DVC 830847 350w / 112dB 112
XXLS - 12 inch 4 ohm 830952 T/S only 111
XXLS - 12 inch Passive Radiator 830548 T/S -
XXLS - 12 inch 4 ohm 830877 T/S only 111
XXLS - 10 inch Passive Radiator 831481 T/S -


Exodus Audio drivers

Audiomarketplace is the sole distributor of Exodus Audio products throughout Australia and New Zealand These drivers use Adire audio's XBL^2 technology. An overview of XBL^2 can be found in this Adire Audio Paper

Driver Part no. Notes SPLmax
12 inch DVC 8+8 ohm Shiva-X2 T/S only 112
15 inch DVC 8+8 ohm Tempest-X (superceded) Infinite Baffle designs 115
15 inch 2+2 ohm Tempest-X2 T/S only 118
18 inch 8+8 ohm Maelstrom-X18 T/S only 119
21 inch 2+2 ohm Maelstrom-X21 T/S only 121

The Tempest-X driver offers a way forward for Aussie IB builders frustrated by the discontinuation of Jaycar's 15inch Venoms.
Kevin Haskins from Exodus Audio, talks to AVSForum about exploring some of the design options for the 18 incher

Mach5 Audio

Affordable Drivers is the Australian distributor for Mach5 Audio drivers. They're now shipping drivers and flared ports. Given the popularity of these drivers in the US, we can hope for great things from this new arrival.

Driver Part no. Notes SPLmax
18 inch 2 + 2 ohm DVC
IXL-18 Link to bandpass design 118
12 inch 2 + 2 ohm DVC
IXL-12.4 T/S + WinISD file 114
10 inch 2 + 2 ohm DVC
IXL-10.4 T/S + WinISD file 111
18 inch 4 ohm SVC
MJ-18 T/S + WinISD file 119
15 inch 2 + 2 ohm DVC competition
SPL-15 T/S + WinISD file 126

Thanks go to Sonnie and Mike at The Home Theater Shack for WinISD files for the Exodus Audio and Mach5 Audio drivers

Importing Drivers

Drivers can of course, be imported, but you need to weigh up the costs. For example, here's what it cost Nordo (in $AUD) to import four IB-15's from the States in June 2008

Four IB15 4 @ $100us $444.40
Shipping to Australia (Brisbane) $364.25
Brisbane Airport Fees $139.40
CMR Fee $20.00
Admin Fee $15.00
Customs Clearance $105.00
Appraisal Fee $54.20
Delivery to nearby town $84.38
Total $1226.63


There's a discussion thread with a bit more info on Customs and Shipping costs into Australia at


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