AES Publications

The Audio Engineering Society lists a number of publications that are relevent to flared ports

They offer these for download for a fee of $20 per document for non-members or $5 for members (as of 9th April 2009)


Maximizing Performance from Loudspeaker Ports - Preprint Number: 4855

Authors: Salvatti, Alex; Button, Doug; Devantier, Alan
Drawing of convention used in paper

Comment: I have downloaded this document and found it to be quite enlightening. The analysis is mainly about ports that are tapered as well as having radiused ends. It concludes that the radiused ends (what I have been calling "flares") should have a radius of at least 20% of the port diameter. In addition, the optimal port should have a flare radius (what I would call a taper) equal to the length of the port as shown here.


Analysis and Modeling of the Bi-Directional Fluid Flow in Loudspeaker Ports - Preprint Number: 6194

Authors: Devantier, Allan; Rapoport, Zachary

Comment: I have not downloaded this document


The Nonlinear Behavior of Reflex Ports - Preprint Number: 3999

Author: Backman, Juha

Comment: I have not downloaded this document, however the summary on the AES site, plus comments from discussion forum members state that the document....
Concludes that careful design yields significant improvements in the dynamic range, however, relatively small irregularities can increase the nonlinearity greatly. Shows how bent ports and unflared ports perform poorly.


Loudspeaker Ports - Preprint Number: 4523

Author: Vanderkooy, John

Comment: I have not downloaded this document, however comments from discussion forum members suggest that Preprint 4855 (the first one listed on this page) contains much of the results from this paper

Thanks go to the members of the diyAudio forum for suggesting these references


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