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Commercial Port Flares

Search engine listings and many threads on various discussion forums were scoured to bring you this summary

If you know of any different brands, or suppliers, particularly in Australia, let me know and I'll add them to the list
Precision Sound Products - USA
6 inch PSP port
PSP's new 6 inch offering
Precision Port
in diameters of 2, 3, 4 and 6 inches
The 6 incher is available through Thriller Audio for around $39 US
The 2, 3 and 4 inch sizes are also sold by Parts Express - USA
As used in SVS subwoofers
Flare radius for the 2, 3, 4 inch ports is around 30mm or 1-3/16"
The 6 incher apparently has a smaller flare - around 24mm or about 1"
A nice touch is that the underside of the outside flare has indents where you would need to drill for screw mounting. If you choose to just glue in, you don't have unsightly holes
Just for interest, here's details of PSP's patent application

Good news for Australian builders!

Audiomarketplace is now selling the PSP ports. The four inchers run $59 and the sixes are $79. Whilst this is heaps dearer than the US, remember that the market is much smaller. At least quality is now available here.

Note that Parts Express also sell the Dayton Create-Your-Own Flared Port Tube System. I don't know what the flare radius is on these, but they have a 90 degree bend available. From the picture, it looks like the internal bend is a hard 90 degrees, so it's not going to be as good as a gentle bend, but may suit those needing an off-the-shelf solution.

If you are happy to do a bit of extra work, you can use a more gentle PVC plumbing bend with the more well-regarded PSP flares, as detailed in this build thread at Home Theater Shack

Hi Fi Service - Italy
Plexiglass Ports
This Italian site is offering Aeroports in 3, 4 and 6 inch sizes
The interesting thing is that they offer the 4 and 6 inchers in a clear plexiglass variant as well as the standard black
There is no good technical description, so it's hard to verify the flare radius, however the use of the Aeroport name suggests they're made under licence, so it should be around 30mm or 1-3/16"

Jaycar - Australia
Jaycar ports
Don't list any flares with a decent radius

Flared Ports. 58mm * 120mm long. Small flare of approx 10 - 15mm. Press fit / glue-in
Adjustable length Ports - not flared. 50mm, 66mm and 110mm. Mounting flange has 4 screw holes
Bent port - 45 degree bend, unflared. Extend with 90mm stormwater pipe

Lautsprechershop - Germany
70mm and 100mm dia variable length ports , unknown flare radius
- fixed length flared port with slightly tapered tube 30-26mm dia , 45-39mm, 60-54mm, 72-67mm, and 100-94mm diameters
Visaton BR
19.95 - 110mm dia 3 piece solution, unknown flare radius
Jetset port Jetline port Visaton port

Spiral Fittings of South Carolina - USA
Metal Bellmouth fittings
In the air conditioning industry, flares are known as "bellmouth" fittings
A novel approach to flaring would be to use fittings and tubes from this source
They're available in steel or aluminium, with diameters and flare radii up to sizes well beyond what even the most enthusiastic the speaker builder would require
Their 6 and 10 inch bellmouths have flares of 2 inches in radius, which is better than anything you'll find in the audio industry
Some damping material glued to the ouside of your port should minimise any ringing that could occur due to the metal construction

Didn't find what you were looking for?

For those who live in the USA, one-piece ports are available from a DIY'er over there. Les sells six inch ports up to 18inches long with a 25mm or 30mm flare. He generally sells them via ebay. Drop him an email


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