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Web Photos: Alternate designs


Hidden sub

Downfiring subs are often disguised as small cupboards


Infinite baffle

Infinite Baffle sub

Infinite baffle subs are popular when you have access to the required space. This four driver manifold delivers the bass to the room above it. Of course it is equally loud in the basement! Using multiple drivers, the design has very good transient response
If you like the idea of this arrangement, you can find out all about it at The Cult of the Infinitely Baffled
I've recently built a larger version of this, and I love it!



Laminated enclosure

A rigid cabinet minimises panel resonances. This laminated design would not move at all


Twin Jaycar

DIY sub front view DIY sub bottom view

Dave, the owner, writes...
I used 2 of jaycar 12 inch Carbon Fibre Sub Woofers and the Jaycar 350 watt amp. Tuned ported solid timber box to around 32Hz of approx 75 litres and lined with carpet with jarrah trimmimg and internal bracing. Sounds Fantastic. Full volume is Almost unbearable in a 6m by 5m room. Fantastic.
Just goes to show that a bit of ingenuity goes a long way.....well done Dave!



Car subwoofer flared port

No-one said this had to be pretty. Auto installations tend to be a little on the creative side!


Wicked one

Wicked one

A pseudo horn from Decware This model is called "The Wicked one WO32". A glass top makes for an intesting coffee table


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