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Web Photos: Inspiring Finishes


Photo of veneered sub

There is a huge range of veneers available. This example obviously uses some of the more expensive stuff!


Piano Black

Piano Black speaker

Piano black finish looks fantastic but requires lots of sanding and a spray gun


Red stain

Stained enclosure

There is an almost limitless range of stains available. This apperars to be Cherry red over pine



Stained veneer

Staining veneer gives a huge range of colors


Gloss Black

Gloss black subwoofer

Gloss black. Not quite piano gloss, but attractive nonetheless


Stained Veneer

SVS Box subwoofer

SVS PB12 Ultra Stained veneer. Very nice...


Stained Ply

Stained birch ply

Even birch ply can stain up nicely


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