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Web Photos: Port arrangements


SVS four porter

SVS uses four standard PSP flared ports in this isobaric model. Ports can be plugged with foam bungs to change the tune.


Front pair

Front firing

A pair of front firing flared ports is the most popular arrangement. These also look like PSP ports.


Another front pair

Veneered DIY subwoofer

Another pair of front firing ports. Not flared, but a nicer box with veneer and edging




A single flared port nestles nicely into the corner of this compact design from Krix



Well braced flared port

Bracing is all important. This builder obviously takes pride in his work



Flared port with cover for sonosub

The endcap of this sonotube sub sports a six inch areoport. The ring around it is for a clip on grille cover. Good for stopping the cat from falling in....


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