Subwoofer Porting

Why I choose to build ported subs and how important it is to use flared ports

Adding a port to a subwoofer box allows a higher output to be achieved at lower frequencies. Special care is needed to ensure that the airflow in the port does not develop audible turbulence, otherwise known as "chuffing". Proper selection of port diameter and the use of flares can tame this problem

This section brings together information about porting derived from a series of experiments and measurements, along with techniques for making your own DIY sub port.

Also to be found in this section, is information on purchasing flares, should you not want to make your own.
These pages are not just relevent to Home Theater subs, they apply just as well to ports used in car audio.
Finally, should the problems of port length and noise prove too much, there is a page on passive radiators.




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