QRDude version notes

Ver 3.00 - April 2010


TRON ship
For some reason, QRDude reminds me of the TRON ship.

Ver 2.10


Ver 2.09


Ver 2.08


Ver 2.07


Ver 2.06


Ver 2.05


Ver 2.04


Ver 2.03


Ver 2.02


Ver 2.01


Ver 2.00 - November 2009


Major changes for V2

In earlier versions, the recommended well width was based on the recommendations of Schroeder, the originator of the equations for QRD diffusers
This gave a built-in safety factor against excess absorption.

Meanwhile, it has been found that the main cause of absorption losses is not related to well width.
Accordingly, the recommended well width is now based on period width and well depth. A minimum limit of 25mm guards against viscous losses
This gives panels of greater bandwidth, and as a bonus, makes QRDude more streamlined and easier to understand

The other major change is the new support for 2D QRD panels

If you haven't reviewed the supporting documentation for a while, it would be worth a re-visit. Lots of changes for version two.



Ver 1.05


Ver 1.04


Ver 1.03


Ver 1.02


Ver 1.01


Ver 1.0 - Initial release October 2009


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