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Drawing flares in Google Sketchup

Start by drawing a circle in the horizontal plane


Use the "Move / Copy" tool with CTRL held down to make a copy of the circle.
Keep the centre of the new circle on the blue axis (in this example)
Place this high enough to be out of the way.


Use the selection tool to highlight and the filled area inside the bottom circle. Press delete to delete the area


Switch back to the circle tool and draw the next circle.
To get the correct orientation move the mouse around in the top left of the screen till the circle cursor changes to red (in this example)
Hold down the shift key to lock in the orientation and move the cursor to the centre of where the circle is to be drawn


Use the selection tool to highlight the open circle


Change to the "Follow me" tool. The highlight from the previous operation dissappears, but it gets remembered.
Click on the filled circle as shown


Here's the magic! The tool causes the area you clicked on to be extruded around the path we previously highlighted


Change to the "Push / Pull" tool.
I've tilted the drawing to show that the tool is to be used on the top circle we created earlier


Drag the top filled circle downwards and through the torus we just created


Right click on the new cylinder and select Intersect / Intersect with model.
This causes new edges to be drawn wherever the cylinder and torus meet


Switching to the select tool, highlight and delete all unwanted areas and lines untill we're left with just the rollover


Switch to the line tool and draw a line out from the to edge of the rollover.
Before releasing the mouse button, make sure that the line is following the red (in this example) axis


Use the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle from the end of the line we just drew.
Adjust the endpoint so that we end up with a plane that neatly intersects the top of the rollover


From the finishing endpoint, draw a larger rectange which totally encompasses the top of the rollover.
I've temporarilly filled it with translucent color to show how it's coming together


Use the selection tool and delete button to remove the area inside the rollover and lines within the rectangles.
This leaves us with a plane and a rollover


Flip over and do the same for the bottom plane.
Draw four verical intesting planes parallel to, and inside the edges of, the rectangle defining the first plane.
Use the "Intesect with model" menu as shown earlier to define the intersections of the four vertical and two horizontal planes.
Delete all unwanted areas and lines.
Use the Push / Pull tool to adjust the four new sides in / out until you get the finished product

Here's the Sketchup .skp file for this model


If you want to do a flared port, start with this arrangement


After the "Follow me" tool is applied and some paint added you get this

Here's the Sketchup .skp file for this model


This technique was also used to draw the flares for a slot port


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