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Holes for the manifolds

Photo of holes for manifolds

The stud layout happened to suit the openings perfectly. This old house has no noggins, so no structural members were cut


Gluing of manifolds

Photo of manifolds

It's hard to beat the old "rope tightened with a stick" technique. It's been around for a long long time...


Drivers arrive

Photo of driver boxes

A pair of "six packs"


One of the Venom drivers

Photo of driver

There seems to be something else in the box....What is it about cats and boxes anyway?...


Finished sanding

Photo of raw manifolds

These look so good it's a shame to hide them in a wall


Test fit - back

Photo of back of manifold

Still be able to see the back though....


Test fit - front

Photo of manifold in wall

Once the grille cloth is on, it should be quite neat


Mounting screws

Photo of screws

In the past, I've used normal screws to hold drivers. As long as they're not done up too tight, they work just fine.
I'm going to try these roofing screws which are about to be sprayed black. Twelve drivers certainly need a lot of screws!


Original drawing

Original sketchup drawing

The final product turned out very close to this sketchup design


Ready to install

Photo of manifold

One of the two manifolds


Front view

Photo of front of manifold

There's a fair bit of weight ....
Manifold 33 kg
Drivers 42
Plinth 8
Grille 2
Total 85 kg



Photo of manifold throat

Shelf brace, driver opening rollover and top edge bracing


Mounting detail

Photo of driver mounted

The Venom driver comes with a removable rubber gasket that slips over the driver lip. Adding washers to the mounting screws allows a firm mount without overly crushing the gasket. This shot was taken after the initial tightening with a cordless drill which had a safe setting on the clutch.

A cardboard template was made up to mark where to drill the screw holes. The small rebate makes locating the template easier, as well as holding the driver roughly inplace during install.



Photo of manifold floated with silicone

Silicone was used to seal and isolate the manifold from the house framing. A spatula was used to get a smooth finish. Sealing two manifolds on both sides of the wall took 10 tubes.



Photo of grille

Grille neatly hides all the innards. Standing off from the wall by 5mm allows movement without coupling to the wall



Photo of grilles

Two manifolds open right where the main speakers will be located


Rear view of installation

Photo of rear of installed manifold

Rear view of manifold is quite acceptable


Gasket tightened

Photo of driver gasket

The gasket was given a final tweak by hand with a socket set. This added about 1/2 turn to the screws which resulted in a small amount of deformation of the gasket


Rearranged room

Photo of mains in front of manifolds

The plasma TV finally arrived meaning the room was rearranged. The mains now sit next to the manifolds


Grilles on

Photo of finished installation

The rearranged room with the grilles fitted to the IB's



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