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Navigation Tips

Navigation bars

At the top of every page is the masthead panel containing links to each of the six topics that the site is divided into
Every page on the site belongs to one of these topics, and the link for the current topic is shown in a different color

Clicking on the subwoofer-builder logo will return you to the home page
The sitemap will show the full structure of the site, with links to all topics and major sub-pages
The RSS icon will allow you to access the RSS feed of selected new content

Diagram of navigation bars

On the bottom of every page is a navigation bar that is usefull for navigation within the current level
At the left is the link to the parent level. This is usually the current topic, but it changes for deeper pages (for example, the individual speaker pages are children of the projects page)
In the centre, a Top of Page link is provided to allow easy access to the masthead navigation when on long pages

Either side of the centre are the links for the previous and next pages at the same level as the current one.
Where the current page is the first or last in a sequence, one of these spots will be empty.
Where the current page is not part of a logical progression (for example, the pages belonging to the communications topic), both slots will be empty.


Moving down a level

The navigation bars do not provide access to child pages. The normal method is from links on the parent page.
Exceptions to ths rule are where a page is deep linked to, from elswhere on the site, or via the sitemap


The search box

The search box at the right hand end of the masthead panel uses Google search to look through it's index of the pages on this site. Simply type in your search string and hit your "Enter" key to start your search


The sitemap

This screenshot of a portion of the sitemap shows how easy it is to go directly to any of the major pages on the site.

Diagram of navigation bars

In this example, the "Sidewinder Gallery" page's parent is the "Sidewinder" page, whose parent is the "Subwoofer Projects" page, whose parent is the "Inspiration" topic page.

Visited links are shown on the Sitemap with a dashed underline


You can help to improve this site - use the feature request page to suggest changes to content or navigation.      Last update to this page 27th April 2009