Collo's DIY Subwoofers

This site was conceived and developed during a journey of discovery of the many ways a subwoofer can be built.
Along the way, the builds delivered better and bigger bass, all the while developing subtle skills for refining the craft.

It's been quite some years now since the last build, meaning that all the information about drivers, amplifiers and pipe sizes are way out of date.
Over the next few months, I hope to weed out all the dead wood, leaving just the best of what I discovered back in the day.

The aim is to present a streamlined and timeless guide to building these wonderful machines, along with tips as to how to find current information on the components you will need.

Discussion forums are a goldmine of information, and one hell of an ego trip, so I want to give a few tips about that too.

All the software and QRD stuff will still be available, just because I wrote it and reckon it's not too bad.

Anyway, have a dig around. I apologise for the out of date stuff, but there's still plenty of gems amongst the chaff.
Thanks for visiting the site and come back in a few months for something that hopefully is a lot easier to use.


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Free software to help you design your enclosure, whether it's a regular box or a sonosub. Choose your port flare sizes and build a high-pass filter. Design a QRD diffuser.



All you will ever need to know about ports and port flares - how to design them, and how to make or buy 'em. Read about the flare testing experiments.



All the subwoofers built so far, ranging from a simple box, to a 12 driver Infinite Baffle monster.



Help with actually building your sub including an illustrated step by step walk through.



Get your sub to work nicely with your room and existing Home Theater equipment. Apply room treatments.



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