Collo's DIY Subwoofer Tools

This site aims to pass on what has been learnt from building a series Home Theatre Subwoofers of increasing quality and capacity.

Here you will find speaker building tips that can help your project go more smoothly.

The journey has been driven by a thirst to explore some of the more obscure aspects of subwoofer design that are not usually covered by the current crop of available software.

Through a series of experiments, some of these principles have been illuminated and are incorporated into the software that's available on this site.

Another area of great interest is the science behind the design of QRD sound diffusers.

The Technical Reference presents a step by step explanation of how these work. A detailed 'Further Reading' list sits at the end of the article.

The culmination of this effort is the creation of QRDude, a tool for you to design your own advanced QRD diffusers.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this site. Bill "Collo" Collison, Aussie subwoofer builder and code wrangler


Design Software

Cropped screenshots of free tools you can download
Screenshots of Free speaker design software


All you will ever need to know about subwoofer ports and port flares up to 30hz - discover what options are available to design and produce your own
If you are keen, you can read about the flare testing experiments. Really, this will take you down the rabbit hole bigtime!

Photo of bandpass subwoofer during construction


All the my diy HT subwoofers so far, starting with a simple box, getting to a 12 driver Infinite Baffle monster and finishing with a slick bandpass design

Photo of dual-driver subwoofer enclosure


Help with actually building your subwoofer including an illustrated step by step walk through.

Photo of router work inside speaker box


Get your DIY subwoofer to work nicely with your room and existing Home Theater equipment. Learn to apply room treatments.

Drawing of Connection Diagram for Audio Visual components
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