Making your Sawboard

A Sawboard is a handy jig for cutting straight lines with a power saw, shown here highlighted in light yellow
Each side of the sawboard has to be wide enough to support your particular saw

When you first do your sawboard, make the base oversize and then run the saw down each edge to cut the sawboard to the correct width

The Sawboard in use

To use the sawboard, clamp it right up to the line you want to cut
Since the saw will only be supported on one side of it's soleplate, ensure that it is kept level while you cut

The workpeice will be cut right on the line

Supporting the offcut

Once you are 3/4 the way along the cut, stop and clamp a support piece under the offcut

Setup for cutting across the job. Note the offcut is fully supported before beginning the cut

Inside cut

If you need to cut on the other side of the line, you will need to adjust for the width of the blade.
Cut a slot in a small piece to use as a measure.
This picture also shows how to mark which side of the line you wish to cut

Use this piece as a guide when clamping the sawboard

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