Snorky Subwoofer Gallery

Ready for finish

Photo - Ready for finish

Sanded, ready for polyurethane finish. The port rollovers turned out particularly well. The proximity of the ports to the back of the driver can be seen



Photo - Ports

Top view of ports. Front panel is double thickness, with the inner panel fitting inside the box. The shelf brace supports the ports.


Side view

Photo - Side view

The top join in the PVC pipe had to be shortened before gluing to get it all to fit in the available box depth. Note the cutouts on the shelf bracing to clear the vertical edge bracing at the back of the box


Front panel

Photo - Front panel

Front view of port assembly. Ports are let into panel to a depth just over half the thickness. This lets the PVC pipe bridge the join between the two layers of the front panel, meaning no visible seam


Another view of port folding

Photo - Another view of port folding

Bottom view from another angle. If building this sub again, the intakes would be flared



Photo - Carcass

Carcass showing foam top and bottom, and rebate for shelf brace. Notice that on the sides, the slot for the shelf brace stops short of the edge bracing on the rear panel.


Shelf braces slides in

Photo - Shelf braces slides in

Port assembly slid into place to show how shelf brace is integral to design. The sides and back of the box have a 5mm rebate to accept the shelf brace


Top view

Photo - Top view

Top view of completed Snory sub showing flush mounted driver, port rollovers and grille clips


Rear view

Photo - Rear view

Panel layout and view of plate amp let into the box. A 45 degree edge around the amp tidies up the finish



Photo - Comparison

Photo showing relative sizes. Thats Snorky sitting on top of the Blast Furnace


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