This subwoofer is similar in design to the snorky sub, but uses an EBS alignment

The working volume is doubled to 100litres and the tuning dropped from 28 to 26hz. The increase in port activity required increasing port diameter to 103mm and fitting flares to both ends. Whilst 13mm routed flares would have been sufficient, this was the perfect opportunity to fit a pair of 20mm heat molded flares

Photo of EBS-Snorky


Extended Bass Shelf (EBS) alignment gives extension down to 24hz (-3dB point)

SPL Graph


Here's the response as measured outside by RoomEQ Wizzard

REW response graph


Two 103mm ports keep velocity below 10 m/sec.


Flare-it was used to select the size of flare required. Using 20mm heat molded flares on the port exits, and 13mm donut rings on the intakes, builds in some headroom at 25hz

Flare-it screenshot


Cone excursion is within Xmax+10%

Excursion graph




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