Use this free software to design your QRD diffuser

QRDude saves you having to get out the calculator to work out the well depth for your diffuser. It will design standard and advanced 1D panels, plus 2D panels, in normal and inverse variations.

QRDude in Advanced Mode demonstrating well shifting, manual well width and imperial units.
Screenshot of QRDude software

Features of current version - V4.00

Image of Download Button

QRDude is written in Visual Basic 6 and runs under Windows. It requires a screen width of 1024 pixels or higher
To run this software on an Apple Mac or possibly on Linux, you will need to install the Wine windows compatibility layer

Security information:
Filesize 544,768 bytes
MD5 Hash Code 67854CA734D75E0024CE7EC9283AA7DD
Hash Code Generator to verify software against this value can be downloaded here

If you find the QRDude software and its supporting documentation useful, please consider buying me a coffee..


Front view Visualiser Screen of three panels using Barker code to place inverse panel
Visualiser Screen
2D panel - default settings
QRDude software 2D panel - default settings
Lobes screen for multiple panels
QRDude Diffusion Lobes screen

Supporting documentation

An illustrated overview of QRD diffusers can be found on the QRD Technical Overview page - it strongly recommended that you read this first.

For detailed instructions on how to use the calculator, see the QRDude User Guide

To see how mine went together, see the Build page

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